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Mission Statement

Education and Mentorship

  • Technical Education through Workshops / Seminars / Webinars / Conferences
  • Educate the AAEIO community about the latest in technology; AI applications, Drones, etc.
  • Reduced pricing access to certain technical publications
  • Access to key resources from our partners

Professional Opportunities 

  • Development and Participation in networking and placement activities for AAEIO’s member base
  • Collaboration with other organizations both in the U.S. and India that can provide access towards skill development

Entrepreneurial Network 

  • Motivate and support entrepreneurs in their endeavors
  • Promote access to engineering people, skills & technologies
  • Provide a networking platform for entrepreneurs
  • Legal & financial support (e.g. VC support)

Charitable organization 

  • Provide merit scholarship for Need based students
  • Fund engineering research assistantship on cutting edge technology to address global issues such as climate change

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